september 2020

Our first project as architecture students was a 1:1 project at Nyhavna in Trondheim. We designed a resting space that plays on the feeling of tree climbing

I collaborated with Mikkel Ommundsen, Oscar Duus Carlsen and Sofie Brovold. The project was part of the introduction to architecture studio course at NTNU, first semester.
Photos: Sofie Brovold
Case study Strandveien 37
A study of the co-living apartment buildings Strandveien 37-38 in Trondheim, and the surrounding area Svartlamon - the first urban ecological experimental area in Norway. We discussed the phenomenological aspect of urban development and how the sense of belonging is created through architecture.

I collaborated with Fredrik Lundberg Paulsen, Adrian Lindseth-Haugvik, Kathinka Kruse-Jensen, Anders Egge and Priyanka Charles. The project was part of the housing studio course at NTNU, third semester.
Interior model 1:20
I was editor-in-chief for the magazine to the Sports Association of the Norwegian University​​​​​ of Science and Technology.​​​​​​​
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