Facade West
Urban housing project situated in the park surrounding NTNU in Trondheim. This is demographically an area dominated by students, but also others who want to live close to the city center in a quiet and green environment. The variety in living situations led to our goal of creating flexible housing units that easily can be changed, either being an another student into the collective, or a new family member entering the world. By aligning the staircases and wet room services in cores on the mid-axis, it becomes easy to change the floor plan in every apartment. 
The park is a big quality in this neighborhood for recreational purposes both for students at campus and the people living in nearby. We wanted to give something back to the area by implementing benches, walkways, outdoor dining areas, a flower shop and a study-café on ground level. Creating a vibrant space in particular on the sides facing the parkland and the street Klæbuveien.

I collaborated with Camilla Halle Isfeldt. The project was part of the housing studio course at NTNU, third semester.
Section A
Facade South
Plan Ground floor
Plan 2.-4.
Plan 5.
Plan Apartment Type A
Model 1:200 Klæbuveien from north
Model 1:200 Klæbuveien from north
Model 1:20 Kitchen Apartment Type A
Model 1:20 Kitchen Apartment Type A
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